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Getting the Run-A-Round? Endless time on the phone? Delay after delay? Or maybe you finally got that denial letter? Ready to fight back? Our Life Insurance Recovery Team here at the DiGeorge Insurance Law Firm is nationally recognized as among the very best. When a beneficiary calls us we understand that someone you loved dearly has recently died. The grieving process is difficult enough as it is. Then to finally be told that the financial security that you and your family were counting on is gone is even more heartbreaking. Did you know that it is estimated that at least two-thirds of all life insurance is never paid!

If you are ready to put the odds back into your favor and honor the memory of your loved one, then reach out to us now. You are finally in the right place! So go ahead and tell us what is happening? We will give you our honest professional assessment and we will only offer our help if we think there’s a legitimate chance of a recovery.

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Only an attorney highly experienced with life insurance cases will know the first thing about how to successfully pursue your case. Nevertheless, many beneficiaries call us after they got help from their brother-in-law or family friend who is a lawyer. Usually this results in a quick second denial. Save yourself the aggravation and send in our Online Form. Our DiGeorge Life Insurance Law Team is standing by 24 hours a day every day of the year.

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Please note: Our life insurance denied claims appeals practice is national in scope. Our law firm is headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado and we proudly represent beneficiaries of unjustly delayed and denied life insurance claims across America 🇺🇸