Denied SGLI Claim

SGLI is group life insurance for service members. SGLI coverage was established to provide low cost life insurance to active duty members of the military. The SGLI program is subsidized by the Federal Government to make the premiums affordable to service members and currently provides up to $400,000 in coverage, through payroll deductions.

SGLI Claim

SGLI is similar to term life insurance coverage that civilians purchase from life insurance companies through insurance agents or with their employers. SGLI is different, however, from regular life insurance in that it does not have many exclusions. There are no questions in the application and the coverage is guaranteed instantly. Most private life insurance policies do not pay a claim if the insured is killed in a war zone. SGLI has no exclusion similar to the war clause. The government may deny an SGLI claim based on the status of the insured at the time of death. If your SGLI claim has been denied, call us now for a free consultation.

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